How To Build A Comedian or Musician Website Cheaply And Easily – Less than $9/month

comedian websiteThis is pretty much a repost of something I wrote for my artist blog awhile back.  Well before I started Big Whiz Bang.  So I wanted to transfer the info over here so you can keep your resources all in one place. 🙂

There was a discussion the other day among my comedian friends about how to put up a website cheaply and easily.  And it can be done just that way.

How To Upgrade To Optimize Press 2 Theme

Optimize Press 2 Upgrade SiteIf you’re not familiar with Optimize Press, it’s a WordPress theme built specifically for marketing.  It makes it super easy to create email capture pages, sales pages, membership areas and more.  It’s been all the rage in internet marketing circles for a couple years now.  I use it for the member area of my artist site.  I’m also developing a new site for my teaching studio with it.

Recently, they released Optimize Press 2 and it’s got a ton of big changes in it to make building sites even easier.  The problem is, the new version is built on a whole different engine.  So there’s no quick and easy way to upgrade to Optimize Press 2 without taking your site offline while you rebuild or only going halfway with the plugin.

How To Embed A YouTube Playlist

How to embed a YouTube playlistI was looking for a way to post a bunch of videos on my main artist website, which runs on the Joomla platform.  Ideally I wanted a way to just drag my whole channel in with one bit of code and have it automatically update anytime I uploaded a new video.  YouTube does offer a bit of code to do that, but it only works in certain cases.  As you’ll see, the hunt is still on for such a device, but I have something in the meantime.

What You’ll Learn

  • How to embed a playlist directly from YouTube and why it’s not the best way