Stuff You Should Have Easily Accessible Online – An EPK That Works

Digital EPK for Musicians and ComediansHow’s your EPK looking?  Is it working for you?  Or do you still need to go hunt up links to different assets when bookers or journalists ask for them?

What’s An EPK?

Let’s back up a little bit.  Maybe you’re not sure what an EPK is.  EPK stands for Electronic Press Kit.  It’s the modern version of the old “jam some stuff in a fancy folder and a manila envelope” press kit of yore and the artist profiles in a binder of more recent yore.

WordPress Security Tips from Matthew Woodward

wordpress-588494_1280If you’ve never had your site hacked by some dopey spammer or script kiddie then you don’t know what you’re missing.  And you’re missing some really bad shit that nobody should have to deal with.  I’ve been hacked more than once and have spent hundreds of dollars getting my sites unhacked.

So I’m always on the lookout for good security tips.  And Matthew Woodward recently posted a killer list of Wordpress security tips for your sites.

Read Matthew’s List Here.


62 Free Stock Image Sites

Tired Driver

This is what I felt like when thinking of having to test all these sites for my own article. Glad OP got to it first.

I was planning on doing a list like this myself.  But why reinvent the wheel?  Work smarter, not harder, all that jazz.

Optimize Press put up this killer list of free image sites on their blog today.  You should check it out, save it in Evernote, and never run out of images for your posts again.

Be sure to double check the copyright and attribution info as stuff changes sometimes.

How to Do Stupidly Simple Google Analytics Split Testing

No, not THAT kind of split testing. I wish....

No, not THAT kind of split testing. I wish….


Google Analytics is a terrifying, powerful beast to behold. I still don’t know half of what it does.  But one of the coolest things you can do with it is split test pages on your site.

So get out the whipped cream and bananas and … wait…

Split Testing is What Again?…

Split testing, or A/B testing as it’s sometimes called, just means sending some of your traffic to one page and some to another so that you can see which one works better.  And by “works better”, I mean meets your goals.  That might be sales, email list signups, video views, whatever you’re trying to accomplish.