Video Posting Strategy For Comedians

YouTube Comedy Video Posting StrategySomething odd happened at last night’s show.  I was sitting in the back of the club after my feature set watching the headliner do his thing.  And very well, I might add.  A couple came out of the audience and were leaving early.

The came up to me and said, “We loved you!  You should have been the headliner.  This guy isn’t funny.”  I thanked them for the compliment and told them I enjoyed the headliner a lot, but everyone has their own tastes.

Then they said, “He’s doing all the same stuff he has posted in the videos we saw online.  You did all different stuff.”  A-ha.

How To Embed A YouTube Playlist

How to embed a YouTube playlistI was looking for a way to post a bunch of videos on my main artist website, which runs on the Joomla platform.  Ideally I wanted a way to just drag my whole channel in with one bit of code and have it automatically update anytime I uploaded a new video.  YouTube does offer a bit of code to do that, but it only works in certain cases.  As you’ll see, the hunt is still on for such a device, but I have something in the meantime.

What You’ll Learn

  • How to embed a playlist directly from YouTube and why it’s not the best way