Project Binge! – A Time Management Experiment

Project 1: Stop using paper for to-do lists...

Project 1: Stop using paper for to-do lists…

Like most folks plying the waters of the artistic and self-employed, I’ve got a lot of irons in the fire. Different projects that bring in different streams of income.  You can see from the menu header on this site the variety of things that I involve myself in.

My normal system of time management is to spend one day per week on stuff that needs large chunks of time and scattering the others through the week.  Some things need to be done more than once a week, of course.  Voiceover auditions and jobs, exercise, writing time, giving music lessons, etc.

The only problem with this system is that it often takes longer to finish projects that I’d like.  Sometimes I feel like one of those big corporations that moves at a snail’s pace to finish everything.

So I wanted to start the year with something a little different.  A project binge. There are still only so many hours in a day.  But I want to spend a week each on some bigger projects that I want to get going.  I honestly don’t know how this will go.  But after the first week I’m starting to get an idea.

The 3 Best Tips To Avoid Information Overload

Don't let information overload let you look like this guy. Use these 3 tips to avoid information overload

Have you ever gone to a particular website to look for a specific bit of information and 90 minutes later realized you’re somewhere else completely?  And forgot to get that piece of information?  Happens to me all the time.  Facebook anyone?  We all need some tools to avoid information overload.

Even if you do find that specific information you can keep clicking through a billion links that tell you more and more about the subject.  Eventually you’ll find all that time has gone by and you haven’t really accomplished anything.  Remember, it’s the doing, not the reading that counts.