How to Make Your Fans Cry Like Taylor Swift

Yes, she's literally out shaking hands and kissing babies.

Yes, she’s literally out shaking hands and kissing babies.

You may not be a fan of Taylor Swift’s music. I’m not particularly.  In fact I’ve been working on a comedy bit about being subjected to a week of radio in a cheap rental car and forced to hear “Shake It Off” so many times I could put a railroad spike through my head.

But as someone trying to expose your work to more people, you have to be a fan of Taylor Swift’s fan development prowess.  Case in point… “Swiftmas”.


33 Gig Promotion Strategies (And Which Ones Actually Work!)

Phil Johnson DVD FilmingI recently did the big gig to film my 3rd comedy special.  Through the hard work of myself and others we managed to sell out 90 seats at the very cool Art Boutiki in San Jose, CA.  I was supposed to cap the sales at 80, but we sold a few more to last minute people who emailed and texted me Saturday morning trying to get in after advance sales were cut off. 🙂

How Will Comedy Clubs Survive?

Seattle Comedy UndergroundJon Fox, owner of the Seattle Comedy Underground (one of my absolute favorite clubs in the country to perform at), presented an interesting question on his Facebook page recently looking at ideas for how comedy clubs will survive in the face of Netflix, YouTube, On Demand, and the myriad other ways people have of getting their dose of comedy these days.

You can check out the full thread and comments here.

As with anything that involves comedians, the comments involve a good amount of both ridiculous answers and self-interested complaining.  But there are some solid ideas in there too.  I decided to sleep on the idea and this morning, a lot more ideas were in my head.  Too many for a facebook comment.  Not that I have any concrete answers.  If I did, I’d be opening a club.  But I do have some ideas.

My Experience With Tweet Adder So Far

Not so instant anymore. But still a time saver.

If you’ve been following my Twitter adventures, you’ve seen the basic tools that I’m using.  Pretty much Buffer, Social Bro, and the regular ‘ol Twitter site.  So far I’ve been able to get a lot done with just the free versions of those tools.

But there are a few things I’d like to do that those tools either don’t or make you pay for.  And I’m not down with paying a monthly fee for stuff like that.  Already got enough monthly payments to make! Am I right!? High five!