Filming and Releasing A Comedy and Music DVD

Be Yourself DsicCall it a DVD.  Call it a special.  Whatever you call it, they’re a lot of work. Both from the business and creative perspective.  I’m blown away by guys like Ralphie May and Louis CK who can write and release a new hour every year. And Louis does that on top of his TV show.

It’s been about 3 years since I last released a new DVD, so I’m about a year late on my own schedule. Time to get on the ball.  So I thought it would be useful for you to watch me go through the process of planning, filming, and releasing this thing.

The Five Dollar Comedy Special – Sawing Off Our Own Feet?

Louis CK's Five Dollar Comedy SpecialI’ve been thinking about starting production on my next standup special (my 3rd).  And it’s a weird little time for comedy specials now due to The Five Dollar Comedy Special.  Louis CK started it.  Jim Gaffigan followed closely behind.  Now plenty of others are doing it too.

But is the five dollar comedy special a good idea?  It’s a great idea for consumers and fans, but I’m not so sure about the business.

Do You Need To Be Liked To Be A Successful Marketer?

Do you need to be liked as a marketer?How much do you need to be liked to be a successful marketer?

I switched up my game a little bit this past week on my internet marketing stuff.  Normally, let’s say with article marketing, I’ll create an educational article and send the traffic to a blog post that either expands on that subject in greater detail or educates them about something complimentary.  And then I hope they click on some ads and buy something.

That hasn’t worked for shit so far.

Passive Fan Marketing For Musicians and Comedians

Phil Johnson Squeeze PageAs you well know, gathering new fans is the lifeblood of every growing artist.  And with the world at our feet as far as possibilities and the numbers of people we can reach, it’s both easier and harder.

Easier because we have way more people that we can be in contact with, giving us the possibility of opening up markets we wouldn’t have suspected.  Which is what I think about every time I get a new fan from Sweden or somewhere.