1000’s of Slow Carb Recipes For 4 Hour Body

slow carb recipes - low carb and 4 Hour Body diet compliant

Does every single morning look like this? Boooooring.

This may seem a little bit off of my normal topics of marketing and money-making.  But it’s my site, so neener neener.  Maybe I’ll change this to a “lifestyle blog”.  Ugh, even that term makes me feel creepy for some reason.

Ok, anyway… For quite awhile I’ve been on the Slow Carb Diet and proposed in Tim Ferris’s 4 Hour Body book.  And I’ll say this much, it works…. when I actually stick to it. 🙂  But I like to try new recipes out and change up what I’m eating whenever I’ve got time to cook.  And I find it difficult to find good slow carb recipes online that fit within the 4 Hour Body guidelines.