How To Preview An Unpublished Article in Joomla

How to preview an unpublished article in JoomlaBack when I was redesigning my artist website, WordPress was still a pain in the ass to use.  Too much digging into raw code to make things work and such.  So I ended up building it on the Joomla platform.  Since then, things have kind of flipped the other way.  WordPress is very user friendly these days and Joomla less so.  Though it’s still really robust.

But there’s an obvious function left out of Joomla: the ability to preview an article before publishing it.  Seems dumb right?

How To Embed A YouTube Playlist

How to embed a YouTube playlistI was looking for a way to post a bunch of videos on my main artist website, which runs on the Joomla platform.  Ideally I wanted a way to just drag my whole channel in with one bit of code and have it automatically update anytime I uploaded a new video.  YouTube does offer a bit of code to do that, but it only works in certain cases.  As you’ll see, the hunt is still on for such a device, but I have something in the meantime.

What You’ll Learn

  • How to embed a playlist directly from YouTube and why it’s not the best way