Stuff You Should Have Easily Accessible Online – An EPK That Works

Digital EPK for Musicians and ComediansHow’s your EPK looking?  Is it working for you?  Or do you still need to go hunt up links to different assets when bookers or journalists ask for them?

What’s An EPK?

Let’s back up a little bit.  Maybe you’re not sure what an EPK is.  EPK stands for Electronic Press Kit.  It’s the modern version of the old “jam some stuff in a fancy folder and a manila envelope” press kit of yore and the artist profiles in a binder of more recent yore.

The #1 Thing I’ve Learned Recently – Contacting Famous People

1280px-Afktv_interviewIn working on my new podcast, Under the Crossbones​, over the last few months, I’ve learned something important.

And yes, I know I need to write a post on how the show’s been developing. Trying to come up with 3 or 4 hours to do that. 🙂

The #1 thing I’ve learned is that if you want to talk to someone, just contact them and see what happens. I talked to the painter that invented the Captain Morgan Rum character for an hour.

Which Email Tracking Service Won’t Get You Dumped In The Spam Box?

spamSpam filters are becoming the bane of my existence lately.  The way I have my email set up, they hit Bluehost first because my email address is connected to my website. Then they get forwarded to a Gmail account because I like the tools they have.

A few weeks ago I was getting calls from people asking if I’d received their email.  I’m talking clients and show bookers.  People I really need to get messages from. After searching around the Gmail spam filter and not finding them I realized there’s probably a spam filter on my Bluehost account too.  And there they were.  Along with lots of other emails I should have received mixed in with the Cialis ads and financially strapped Nigerian princes.

Passive Fan Marketing For Musicians and Comedians

Phil Johnson Squeeze PageAs you well know, gathering new fans is the lifeblood of every growing artist.  And with the world at our feet as far as possibilities and the numbers of people we can reach, it’s both easier and harder.

Easier because we have way more people that we can be in contact with, giving us the possibility of opening up markets we wouldn’t have suspected.  Which is what I think about every time I get a new fan from Sweden or somewhere.