Resources and Tools Of The Trade(s)

Everything line of work has their must have tools and resources.  This is the stuff that I use on a daily basis.  If you have any questions about how to use any of them, please let me know and I’ll do my best to help you.

Blogs I Learn From:
Internet Marketing – Pat Flynn runs this great blog (and podcast) about internet marketing to generate passive income. – Anna runs this blog that is great for new ideas on traffic and linking.

The Lazy Marketer Blog – This is internet marketing expert Chris Rempel’s blog. I don’t want to say he works more “gray hat” than the others, but he certainly doesn’t toe the Google party line all the time.

Music/Comedy Marketing:
Passive – Brian Hazard’s blog about passive promotion strategies for musicians as well as great advice on recording.

Music – Dave Hooper has been in the business forever and always has great little thought provoking posts about music marketing.

Music Think Tank – As it says, “Where the music industry thinks out loud.”  A great site for keeping up on the latest experimentation and promo techniques in the music industry.

HypeBot – Run by the same folks as MTT, this site is more news oriented but is great way to find out about new sites and tools you should be looking at.

Connected Comedy – Josh Spector is one of the few guys in the comedy world really talking about indie promotion seriously.  And he also has a great list of comedy sites every comic should be checking out.

Tools I Use:
Bluehost – The hosting company I use for all my sites.  As low as $4.95/month, support and uptime are great.

Market Samurai – Knowing what keywords to target is a huge part of marketing anything on the net whether it’s music, software, lessons, or boobs.  MS is my favorite keyword research tool and it gets better all the time.  And you get to try it out for free.  So give it a go.

Contagious Graphics – My go-to place for printing t-shirts, stickers, and posters.  Great prices, great personalized service, and fast turnaround.  Tell them Phil Johnson sent you.

Voice123 – If you’re looking for more voiceover work, this site has a ton of it.  It’s an annual membership thing and they’ll send you voiceover auditions on a daily basis.

Music Teacher’s Helper – If you run a music teaching studio with more than a couple students all the paper pushing starts to get tedious.  MTH helps you keep track and schedule students, do invoicing, keep track of payments, and give you a good read on which direction your business is headed.  HUGE time saver.

KeePass – Ever gotten to a site and can’t remember your login and password?  This little piece of software.  Keep track of all your passwords in a secure environment.  There’s even a phone app.

Simpleology – This site helps you set appropriate goals to get you where you want to go.  Then it helps you break it down into distinct steps and acts as your daily to-do list.  It’s all about focus and motivation.  This site is my very first stop on the net every morning.  I use the free membership, but they have paid ones that add stuff if you need it.

Reaper – I can’t even begin to tell you how much I love Reaper’s recording software.  Full featured, does everything any of the super expensive DAWs do.  Their trial period is unlimited and full featured and you can pay when you start to feel guilty.

Open Office – If the idea of paying $149 for Microsoft Office makes your head hurt, give Open Office a try.  It’s free and open source and does everything MS Office does.  The files are compatible too.

Your Mailing List Provider – I use this company to serve my mailing lists.  Very reasonably priced, good delivery, and enough tools for me.  It’s not as robust as something like Aweber, but suffices for what I’m doing right now, and way cheaper.

Optimize Press – This is a WordPress theme for building membership and sales sites.  If the thought of tracking members, creating sales funnels, and protecting member pages makes you nauseous, make this theme your go-to. There’s a little learning curve in the setup, but the actual site creation is amazingly easy.  It costs a little money. But it’s way cheaper than hiring someone to code a membership site for you.

Weaver II – This is a free WordPress theme that I’ve used on a ton of sites. It’s mobile responsive, super easy to customize, and has more bells and whistles than a lot of premium themes I’ve seen.

Finance Tools:

LifeLock – I did a ton of research on identity theft protection for a site I never ended up building. But LifeLock really came out on top for how much ground they cover and the million dollar guarantee.  Use my link here to get 30 days of credit monitoring for free and 10% off the full shebang after that.

* Disclaimer… Some of the links above are affiliate links and earn me a little money when you buy something.  These are all things I use on a daily basis and have no reservations recommending to you.  If you want to, feel free to visit their sites directly, but I appreciate you using my links.

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