Do You Need To Be Liked To Be A Successful Marketer?

Do you need to be liked as a marketer?How much do you need to be liked to be a successful marketer?

I switched up my game a little bit this past week on my internet marketing stuff.  Normally, let’s say with article marketing, I’ll create an educational article and send the traffic to a blog post that either expands on that subject in greater detail or educates them about something complimentary.  And then I hope they click on some ads and buy something.

That hasn’t worked for shit so far.

So this week, I set up a page on my site that is ad first, educational second.  Still informative and educational, but it leads them directly to the product I want them to buy.  It’s not a big flashy, salesy looking page.  It looks like an article.

Then I submitted a feeder article to a site I knew I could get a big blast of traffic from.  It’s a site where my target audience congregates and I was targeting a small segment of them.  Beginner guitarists specifically.  On this site users can rate posted articles from 1 to 5 stars.  The first dozen articles I’ve posted there have all been 4’s and 5’s.

First the results:

– 811 unique visits to my sales page/article
– 108 clicks on my affiliate links
– 3 sales totaling $119.20

That’s $0.94 per click or $0.14 per unique to my page.  14% click through and 2.6% conversion on those clicks.  Not mind blowing conversions by any standard, but a hell of a lot better than that site has been doing.

Keep in mind, it’s a niche site.  One of those that you’re supposed be able to get up and running and making money with 3-4 months of work.  I’m 18 months into this one.  So to see 3 sales come in that quick is a joyous day in the Phil household.

The hated it…

Now, here’s the kicker… The feeder article I posted was my lowest rated article on that site.  1.5 stars to be exact.  Some people called is spam, which it definitely wasn’t, since it offered rock solid advice on a common beginner guitarist problem.  Others said it was simplistic, which… hello… a good solution should be.

I think the big problem was using a little much hyperbole in the title and the link back to my site that promised a “magic bullet” system.  Which in fact it is to a beginner who’s having trouble with it.  But to the more experienced (and opinionated) people on the site, it was too much.

So, being that it was my most successful article in terms of money and my least successful in terms of perceived quality (and I stand by it being quality content), I have to wonder how much you need to be liked in certain selling strategies.

Now, I’m an artist and entertainer.  We want nothing if not to be liked.  So seeing those comments was a little painful.  Seeing the dollar signs helped a bit. 🙂  So I’ll be trying again, toning down the hyperbole a little bit, and seeing how that works.  Nearly a thousand people liked the article enough to come to my site, so I want to tweak it for more, not less, and not to be liked.  It’s a fairly anonymous site, so my personality isn’t attached to it.

That’s different if I’m doing a site like this one that I’m personally attached to.  It’s the personality that makes the sales.  Pat Flynn is a great example. People buy stuff he recommends because he’s a good dude.  On an anonymous niche site, I don’t have that tool.  So it’s all copywriting.

I’m going to tweak both the page and the feeder stuff a bit to raise conversions to a point where I can just buy traffic to send to it.  But if mellowed language doesn’t bring in the business, I’ll have to forgo some of the likeability and not take it personally.

I also need to remember that that site has its fair share of loudmouth dicks who have been playing for two years and think they know everything. 😉

Got an opinion on this?  Do you need to be liked to be a successful marketer?

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