Super Easy A/B Testing Plugin for WordPress

A/B Testing Plugin For WordPressForever I’ve been hearing about how A/B testing your pages is super important to maximizing your conversion rate.  And it is.  And I’ve been lazy.  Well, not lazy.  Just overwhelmed and confused.

How to do it?  How to keep track?  I got a little bit of experience with the A/B testing experiments available in Google Analytics, but found it awkward and confusing.  Plus sometimes it just doesn’t work right.  (What do you mean you can’t find the code Google?  I’m staring right at it!)

What You’ll Learn

  • Which simple WordPress plugin I use for A/B testing web pages
  • The pros and cons of this plugin
  • Your simple 6-step system to set up a simple A/B test on your website

So, in my quest for something easier, I discovered a very cool little A/B testing plugin for WordPress called Max A/B.  It’s free and super duper easy to use.

Here’s the awesome parts:
– One page set up for experiments. No dicking around with a zillion pages and inserting code.
– Your conversion page can be on another site completely. Even one you don’t own!
– It can run forever or auto-stop when you hit a certain amount of traffic

Here’s the less awesome parts:
– It can only send even amounts of traffic to each page.  So if you have a particular need to send uneven amounts of traffic, this one’s not for you.
– It only works on pages, not posts.  So anything you want to test will need to be done as a page.
– The plugin hasn’t been updated in 2 years. – Yikes. That’s a bummer. Probably means you won’t get much in the way of support or upgrades.  But so far it works just fine with the current version of WordPress (v. 3.5.2 as I’m writing this.)

So I don’t know if it’ll work forever, but it’s working great now.

Max A/B - Easy A/B Testing Plugin for WordPressHow To Use Max A/B

Here’s the interface.  I think you’ll agree, it’s pretty idiot proof.

After installing you’ll find it in your left menu bar just under Settings.

1. Give your experiment a name.

2. Select your original test page from the drop down list of pages on your site. (This only works on pages, not posts.)

3. Select your 2nd (and 3rd if you want) test pages to test against.

4. Select a radio button for the conversion page (the destination after whatever action they’re taking…) You can choose from pages on your own site or something on another site altogether.

5. Choose when you want the experiment to end.  Either when you stop it manually or when it hits a certain amount of traffic.

6. Click “Create” and you’re good to go! It doesn’t get much easier. 🙂

Right now I’m using this to test exterior email collection pages and interior member pages on the members are for my artist site.  I’m also using it to test a sales page I’m tweaking on one of my guitar sites.  So far it’s been flawless and easy to use.

So, no more excuses for not A/B testing your pages.  Get on it! 🙂

Update 12/18/13

We’re up to version 3.8 on WordPress now and this plugin still works fine.  However, I did encounter a conflict with the Optimize Press 2.0 theme.  For some reason you can’t create new pages with Max A/B activated.  Editing already created pages seems to be fine.  Right now my solution is to just deactivate Max A/B when I’m creating new pages for the site, which won’t happen that often.

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