33 Gig Promotion Strategies (And Which Ones Actually Work!)

Phil Johnson DVD FilmingI recently did the big gig to film my 3rd comedy special.  Through the hard work of myself and others we managed to sell out 90 seats at the very cool Art Boutiki in San Jose, CA.  I was supposed to cap the sales at 80, but we sold a few more to last minute people who emailed and texted me Saturday morning trying to get in after advance sales were cut off. 🙂

Competition Comedy and The World Series of Comedy

Phil Johnson World Series of ComedyI recently competed in the 5th annual World Series of Comedy in Las Vegas.  I’ve been to all five of the events now and it’s always a ton of fun.

This year I did really well, getting 1st place in my prelim round and 5th for the overall event.  Nice to have some buzz for once. 🙂

However, I think I could have done better than 5th with just a couple more well-placed lines to kick start a particularly difficult audience.

Independent and Music Don’t Go Together Anymore

"What an Independent Artist?", says the average music consumer...

“What an Independent Artist?”, says the average music consumer…

Oh boy… Things have been busy with a capital B around here lately! I’ll have some new updates on the production of my next comedy special soon.  I’ll also have new posts about gig promotion and hosting contests to build your mailing list.  Both things that I’m doing right now, but haven’t had time to sit down and write about yet.

Starting A Podcast!

bbicon1_300For months now I’ve been thinking about what kind of podcast I’d like to do.  It’s a fantastic additional platform to add to the mix of everything else.  Plus a good niche podcast can open you up to a new audience that didn’t know you existed.

There will be a Big Whiz Bang podcast at some point, but I haven’t yet settled on what I want that to be.  Instead, I’ve started a podcast that hopefully will hit a cool little niche, is something that interests me, and gives me an opportunity to practice putting out a weekly podcast.