Attack of Life: The Bang Tango Movie

Bang Tango Psycho CafeI had a night off on my tour last night and heard that Drew Fortier’s Bang Tango movie is available to watch on YouTube.  Heard about it maybe a year ago and was really interested in seeing it.

Why? Because there aren’t a lot of documentaries about bands that only sort of did well.  Especially when they’re still out there slugging away in one form or another.

Full disclosure: I was/am a Bang Tango fan.  Saw them play at least a couple times both on the way up and the way down. Their first two albums still get regular rotation in my collection.  But I honest wasn’t familiar with their later stuff.  Thank goodness for Spotify and YouTube.

Stuff You Should Have Easily Accessible Online – An EPK That Works

Digital EPK for Musicians and ComediansHow’s your EPK looking?  Is it working for you?  Or do you still need to go hunt up links to different assets when bookers or journalists ask for them?

What’s An EPK?

Let’s back up a little bit.  Maybe you’re not sure what an EPK is.  EPK stands for Electronic Press Kit.  It’s the modern version of the old “jam some stuff in a fancy folder and a manila envelope” press kit of yore and the artist profiles in a binder of more recent yore.

Nirvana’s Hilarious Newsletter from 1991


Ok, who’s the wiseguy?

Over the holiday my girlfriend and I spent some time in Portland and Seattle.  Our visit to the EMP included the giant exhibit on Nirvana stuff they have up right now.  I have to imagine that Kurt would probably hate his stuff being displayed in a glass case in some museum.

One item in particular stood out to me.  It was a fan newsletter they sent out sometime in mid-1991, just before the September release of Nevermind.  I wasn’t bright enough to take a picture of it, despite talking my girlfriend’s ear off about it for a half hour.  Fortunately, I found a copy of it at Letters of Note.

How to Make Your Fans Cry Like Taylor Swift

Yes, she's literally out shaking hands and kissing babies.

Yes, she’s literally out shaking hands and kissing babies.

You may not be a fan of Taylor Swift’s music. I’m not particularly.  In fact I’ve been working on a comedy bit about being subjected to a week of radio in a cheap rental car and forced to hear “Shake It Off” so many times I could put a railroad spike through my head.

But as someone trying to expose your work to more people, you have to be a fan of Taylor Swift’s fan development prowess.  Case in point… “Swiftmas”.