Starting A Podcast!

bbicon1_300For months now I’ve been thinking about what kind of podcast I’d like to do.  It’s a fantastic additional platform to add to the mix of everything else.  Plus a good niche podcast can open you up to a new audience that didn’t know you existed.

There will be a Big Whiz Bang podcast at some point, but I haven’t yet settled on what I want that to be.  Instead, I’ve started a podcast that hopefully will hit a cool little niche, is something that interests me, and gives me an opportunity to practice putting out a weekly podcast.

How To Upgrade To Optimize Press 2 Theme

Optimize Press 2 Upgrade SiteIf you’re not familiar with Optimize Press, it’s a WordPress theme built specifically for marketing.  It makes it super easy to create email capture pages, sales pages, membership areas and more.  It’s been all the rage in internet marketing circles for a couple years now.  I use it for the member area of my artist site.  I’m also developing a new site for my teaching studio with it.

Recently, they released Optimize Press 2 and it’s got a ton of big changes in it to make building sites even easier.  The problem is, the new version is built on a whole different engine.  So there’s no quick and easy way to upgrade to Optimize Press 2 without taking your site offline while you rebuild or only going halfway with the plugin.

How To Embed A Photo Slideshow from Google Plus Picasa

Picasa GalleryApparently back in March 2013 or so Google changed up their whole online Picasa deal and didn’t include the option to embed a gallery slideshow on other sites.  And now all your Picasa albums forward over to Google Plus pages.  Super dumb, yeah?

I was trying to find a way to do so for a photo gallery inside the VIP Members Area of my artist site.  After some digging, here’s what I came up with.

What You’ll Learn

  • The “back door” into the old Picasa
  • Your quick 4-step process to getting the embed code for your Picasa gallery.

Which Email Tracking Service Won’t Get You Dumped In The Spam Box?

spamSpam filters are becoming the bane of my existence lately.  The way I have my email set up, they hit Bluehost first because my email address is connected to my website. Then they get forwarded to a Gmail account because I like the tools they have.

A few weeks ago I was getting calls from people asking if I’d received their email.  I’m talking clients and show bookers.  People I really need to get messages from. After searching around the Gmail spam filter and not finding them I realized there’s probably a spam filter on my Bluehost account too.  And there they were.  Along with lots of other emails I should have received mixed in with the Cialis ads and financially strapped Nigerian princes.